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Hi! This category is for you to suggest any activity for NPCC Alumni.
If you wish to volunteer yourself to help in organising any activity, please also inform us.

Simply click on "comments" below to post your message for discussion.

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Joon Kee

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Ah Kai said...

after the 23 Jan evening discussion, here are some initial planning for this year activities:

09 Mar - NPCC Alumni Bash (social gathering/hi-tea)
24 Mar - NPCC Alumni AGM
30 Mar - informal social @ SPOM
6-7 Apr - overnight camp @ P. Ubin NPCC campsite
26 May - inter-school bowling tournament (GTW Trophy)
8-10 Jun - Tour/Visit
29 Jun - informal social @ SPOM
07 Jul - Community service project
TBN Aug - Alumni revolver shoot (subj to approval)
31 Aug - Alumni Annual Dinner
TBN Sep - NPCC officer annual invitation revolver shoot
28 Sep - informal social @ SPOM
TBN Oct - Visit to police establishment
30 Nov - Year-end social gathering party
TBD Dec - Holidays tour
28 Dec - informal social @ SPOM

Any suggestion?