Tan Yee Kan

Tan Yee Kan, an ex-NPCC cadet from Dunman High School (1978-81). Being a MOE scholar who graduated from the National Taiwan University, Yee Kan started his teaching career as a Chinese language teacher.

Yee Kan became famous in the media when he was the principal of Yishun Town Secondary School between 2005-11. He was instrumental to the school for being the first neighbourhood school to achieve Gold Award for Academic Value-addedness in Normal Stream, among other Sustained Achievement Awards attained in 2005. Other achievements including being the only school in Singapore to win all six Sustained Achievement awards in 2008, and eventually leading the School to become an Autonomous School from 2010.

Yee Kan takes over as the principal of Nan Chiau High School when the school was designated as a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) school from January 2012.