1983 Sec 4 Squad Anglican High School

I was posted to Anglican High School NPCC Unit when I passed out as a Cadet Inspectors since 1982. It was a great time in 1983 for me to work with the sec 4 squad which had only 10 members, to run the whole NPCC unit then. See the pictures below and these 10 members are: Ah Poh, Gioh Leng, Kwee Yan, Lay Ching, Lay Khim, Lay See, Li Ling, Mei Lian, Mui Mui, and Puah Hoon

28 August 198228 August 1982

29 December 198229 December 1982

After about 24 years, we managed to keep in touch with 7 out of the total 10 members as shown in the photos below taken during a recent gathering:

27 January 200727 January 200727 January 2007

We are still looking forward to reach out for 3 more fellow members: Puah Hoon, Gioh Leng, and Li Ling to have a good catch-up with each other after losing contact for about two decades.

Best regards
Joon Kee

P/S: Please email me the email address or contact number if you think you could help us to find the 3 lost pals mentioned above. Thank you!

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