NPCC Annual .38 Revoler Shooting Competition Results

The NPCC Inter-area Officers' Annual .38 Revoler Shooting Competition 2007 was held on 25 Aug 2007 (Sat) at Home Team Academy Range. Here is the results for Inter-Organisation Invitation Shoot - Mr Tan Puay Kern Challenge Trophy:

1stNational Police Cadet Corps Alumni
2ndNational Police Cadet Corps HQ
3rdSingapore Scouts Association
4thMOE Co-Curricular Activities Branch
5thNational Civil Defence Cadet Corps
6thNational Cadet Corps
7thRed Cross Youth

This time we are champion again beating the NPCC HQ team by a wide margin of 60 points. We scored a total of 740 points out of 800 points. These points also way surpass even the other team events of the officer shoot (Men & Women).

We used to maintain the Tan Puay Kern Challenge Trophy in the past NPCC Invitation shoots except last two years was closely lost to NPCC HQ (who have mostly regular police officers) among the 7 invited teams. We are proud to bring back the Challenge Trophy!

The following are the participants which had put in much effort and shown good teamwork:

Benjamin Yong190/200
Teo Chun Liang184/200
Tan Sim Kiat184/200
Winnie Woon119/200
Ong Siong Seng182/200

Total of best 4 shooters - 740/800

Thanks to Wendy Ong for attending the shoot and Teo Chun Liang for sponsoring the Team T-shirts (also for the dinner treat at Changi Sailing Club).
Thank our dear Winnie Woon for providing the bananas and chocolates to calm and steady our nerves. One of the secret formula for doing well.
Thanks also to all the well-wishers.

We sure had shown our identity and NPCC Alumni has been recognised as one that is strong in the revolver shoot. "Don't Play Play!"

Once again, Congratulation to the NPCC Alumni and Well Done to the Shooters!

The NPCC Alumni's Challenge Team for Tan Puay Kern Trophy, together with the Guest of Honour, Mr Tan Puay Kern, Deputy Chairman, NPCC Council.

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